Analyze texts in manufacturing automatically

Identify mentioned problems, maintenance actions, improvements in maintenance and shift log comments with Artificial Intelligence.

About our TextAI for manufacturing

Gain back lost production time with hidden insights in your shift log.

Peoplegeist's text analysis is the cutting-edge solution to perform problem identification & clustering on your production comment logs to get actionable insight.

The only text-analysis solution specialized for manufacturing topics, focusing on reducing downtime, waste and process inefficiencies.


Why Peoplegeist's text analysis

1. Eliminate manual categorization of logs

Traditional text log analysis requires manual categorization of logs into problem-groups.


Categorization is either detailed but cumbersome or simple but lacking detail for actionable insight.


AI driven automatic problem identification solves this:

  • Eliminates hours of manual categorization
  • More detailed and fine-grained categorization
  • Finds multiple topics within same text
  • Remembers problems-resolutions relation

The more concrete and specific a problem-cluster, the easier to act on it.

2. Demonstrates value of logging to the team

Our text analysis produces easy to understand charts that can be used for team-huddles.


Shopfloor workers see how their comments are turned into insight and are used to discuss solutions together.


  • Team benefits directly from logging.
  • Automatic breakdown analysis for root cause discussion.
  • Drives team-driven continuous improvement

Turns logging into a value added and critical tool for everyone on the shopfloor.

3. Multi-language for diverse teams

Your workforce is global and diverse. Our solution is multi-lingual and allows your staff to express themselves in their mother tongue.


You have:

  • multi-national setup,
  • specialists hired from around the world,
  • or a mixed team with diverse backgrounds

Our software identifies similar problems expressed in multiple languages.


Understand your team abroad with our built in translation.

Find repeating problems regardless how they are phrased


Start gaining actionable insights from your teams' comments


Identify unplanned downtime reasons

  • Unplanned cleaning causes
  • Unplanned maintenance tasks
  • Missing materials
  • Line setup mistakes
  • Causes for sterilizations
  • Ad-hoc parts requests
  • Service technician calls
  • Quality issues
  • training needs
  • ...

How does it work?

The most valuable information is often in the comments. The comments contain the details what actually happened.

Reading through all the text comments is very time intensive.

We use generative AI to automatically extract the topics in the logs and create summary charts that are easy to understand.

You can start by importing a simple text-export from your MES:

  • Export text-comment from your MES, including stop-time, event-id, machine name etc.
  • Import the comments into Peoplegeist
  • We train our ML on vocabulary specific to your company or industry: keywords/abbreviations/names
  • The software analyzes all topics, finds repeating patterns, creates charts for the dashboard

The AI does not work off a predefined category-tree but finds the prevalent topics in the data and builds the categories dynamically.

This allows it to find problems outside a pregiven category-tree and to stay on a very detailed and concrete level.

Detecting an "electrical" problem is not as useful as detecting "power transformer for the ice-water pump shorted out".

The more detailed the analysis the more actionable and concrete it becomes for the team to solve.

Access best practices for downtime analysis & preventive maintenance

Peoplegeist knows what are typical issues to look for in manufacturing and their best practice solutions.

Identify unplanned cleaning, adhoc spare-part requests, ... with our software.

Use our checklist to conduct targeted downtime analysis.