Distribution Partner - F&B Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Höltermann Consulting

Our expert for Food & Beverage productions in the German speaking markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


About Höltermann Consulting

Höltermann Consulting specializes exclusively in providing comprehensive consultancy and support to food and beverage manufacturers, ranging from startups to FMCG companies, across all operational areas. Before establishing Höltermann Consulting, Ulrich held various operational leadership positions throughout Europe, including roles such as COO, OPEX Manager, plant manager, operations manager, and process analyst/planner. Their independent team of experts comprises former COOs, plant managers, operations managers, lean managers, mechanical engineering specialists, and purchasers, leveraging years of experience to identify root causes of issues and develop actionable plans for improving and optimizing production facilities, aiming to guide companies and employees to achieve excellence and self-regulation. Their experts have successfully executed projects exceeding 200 million.

The services offered by Höltermann Consulting are specialized in analyzing and optimizing processes, evaluating and enhancing maturity levels, planning and realizing projects, managing operational procurement for companies with up to 20 million in annual turnover, and offering exclusive Peoplegeist-Ki solutions tailored for food and beverage manufacturers in the DACH region, aiming to provide comprehensive support across various operational aspects to their clients.

Analyzing and optimizing processes/workflows

Ensures that processes and workflows in all operational areas function efficiently and sensibly together.

knowledge database for technicians, machine operators, and more

When equipment malfunctions occur, Peoplegeist-KI immediately provides top solution proposals to employees. Problems and solutions are transparent for everyone for the first time.

Operational maturity level

Do you know your operational maturity level? Only companies that know their maturity level understand their level and potential for development.

Planing and implementation of projects

Handles the entire implementation process, from the idea and detailed representations to implementation.

Operational procurement

For companies with approximately up to 20 million in turnover per year, Höltermann Consulting manages the operational procurement of raw materials and packaging materials.