MaintainX Integration

Extend MantainX with TextAI

Analyze your maintenance order comments and documentation with Peoplegeist.

  • Automatic Text download
  • Analysis
  • Trouble Shooter
  • Dashboard

How it works

MaintainX can use Peoplegeist Text AI as an addon.

Connect Peoplegeist with your MaintainX login and you can analyze the maintenance work order comments automatically.

Within 24hours you can enjoy pareto charts and trouble shooting guidance based on your maintenance documentation, downtime logs

By adding Peoplegeist to your MaintainX deployment you add a 'Text AI' to your asset management.

About MaintainX

MaintainX is a web-based maintenance and CMMS software for mobile devices that simplifies maintenance and operations management. The app enables users to create work orders with photos, track maintenance processes like asset management, and utilize dynamic SOPs that adapt based on input.