MPDV MES and MIP users can now use Peoplegeist

Peoplegeist is now available to MPDV MIP users as an mApp. You can use TextAI for manufacturing to analyze any texts stored in your MIP.

We are very proud to announce that Peoplegeist has partnered with MPDV, a leading MES provider from Germany, to bring advanced TextAI to their user base.

MPDV had the forward looking vision to build the MIP platform for manufacturers. MIP allows manufacturers to digitize their manufacturing foundation process on one platform and add specialized tools, such as Peoplegeist, as Apps (called mApps) on top of this platform.

The peoplegeist mApp is built in a fully flexible way and allows you to analyze production related texts, regardless in which process you collect them:

  • Asset management
  • Production order notes
  • Maintenance
  • ….

MPDV users have access to the full Peoplegeist SaaS solution, including our analysis board, dashboard, semantic search and our knowledge sharing trouble shooter tool.

See our MPDV MIP integration information page for more information.

Contact us or your MPDV contact to learn how to switch on Peoplegeist on your MPDV installation.

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