Capture & Share Troubleshooting knowledge in your maintenance docs

Capture & share asset maintenance knowledge in your maintenance documentation. Use Peoplegeist's trouble shooter module to turn your documentation into asset checklists.

Lower your MTTR by accessing the troubleshooting history documented in your maintenance comments.

Many manufacturers experience the problem, that troubleshooting and asset maintenance knowledge is only remembered by their team members in their memory. As employees retire or leave the company, so does the knowledge.

Asset troubleshooting knowledge is also documented in the maintenance documentation, but it’s hard to access that knowledge.

This is where Peoplegeist’s TextAI can help.

Peoplegeist has added the new “Troubleshooter” module that allows your team to share their knowledge without extra work.

Peoplegeist uses the existing maintenance comments the team writes anyway and turns them into structured checklist.

New joiners can lookup symptoms and get a checklist of possible causes based the troubleshooting history of the colleagues.

This helps new joiners to solve issues independently and reduces interruptions to senior team members who would need to come and help.

There is more about it on this recording of turning maintenance texts into troubleshooting guides.


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