HOWTO: Analyze your maintenance texts with Excel

Use Excel to analyze your maintenance, downtime documentation using Text AI.


Machine Maintenance Texts, Downtime Logs, Shift Logs written as texts are hard to analyze. You need to read through them one by one and categorize them manually. See also Howto create pareto charts.

On this page we show you how you can use Excel to automatically analyze your texts and create pareto charts for downtime analysis.

Step 1: Open your excel with the texts

Step 2: On the home tab, select “Add-In”


Example of maintenance logs

Step 3: Search for “Peoplegeist” or “Text AI for manufacturing”


Office add-in store

Step 4: Start the analysis

Review your options and click on "Start the analysis"


Add-in loaded: Review your options

Step 5: Select the text-cells

  • Select the text cells in the excel workshet.
  • You will see the selected cells displayed in the add-in.
  • You can optionally select the language of the text: Use this option if your texts are very short.


Select your text cells

Step 6: Start the analysis

This can take a few minutes. You can see the progress.


Analysis in progress

Step 7: Preview the results

Adjust the filter to focus on specific aspects inside your texts. You can also use the "detail" slider to fine-tune to get a more fine-grained analysis.


Preview and adjust

Step 8: Finish and save the analysis

You can move the chart away and see all your texts categorized into the various automatically identified categories


Analysis results in Excel