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Your first Micro-Poll

For leaders who want to drive continuous improvement at their organization

"Micro-Polling" combines real-time feedback, feedback analytics and action communication in one simple solution to drive continuous improvement."

What makes Micro-Polling work

1. Rating-format simplifies questionnaires

Please rate the computer-tools at the warehouse

  • Quick & easy, everyone understands
  • No survey fatigue
  • Collect continuously for continuous improvement

2. Analyse the comments

How does the hybrid workplace policy work for you?

A route planning tool would help a lot

Field service

Calls with the chat-tools drop often

Inside sales

  • Identify most frequently reported issues
  • Build action priority list

3. Respond to employees - No more "nothing happens"

Calls drop all the time

Thanks, IT will prioritize voice-traffic on our wifi to solve this

  • Respond to employees, tell them the actions you're taking
  • Show everyone their feedback has impact
  • Institute real feedback-culture
More about Micro-Polling method

How we survey continuously without survey fatigue

Your first Micro-Poll

The best way to start micro-polling at your company.


Why they love it...

Factory workers
  • ☆☆☆☆☆ rating: I know that from restaurants
  • Simple questions that make sense
  • Easy with barcode/smartphone, no need to learn computer-login
  • I see my boss's actions

After a hard shift, long surveys are cumbersome and half of the questions don't apply to me.

  • Simple & quick, I can do it between customer meetings
  • Respond via text or instant-message, no need for login
  • Works on mobile even with low bandwidth

On the road, long surveys are hard to do on my phone.

  • I define the questions I need to improve my organization.
  • Comments let me understand why a score is low.
  • I can show my team the actions that have been taken.

Classic surveys are great at "measuring" stuff, but a score alone doesn't help me understand why something is bad and how it is related to my management responsibility.


Full range of feedback channels to reach every workforce

....go beyond email-surveys


Print-out and pin-up QR-Codes. Ideal for public places & desk-less employees.

Smart Email

Send-time optimization to reduce distractions and improve open-rate.

MS Teams / Slack

Reach outside sales and field-service on their favorite messaging app.


Get feedback from factory workers, no matter the shift they are on.

Instagram / TikTok / Facebook

Reach students, campus visitors and Gen-Zs on their favorite social media.

SMS / Texting

Retail staff, independent contractors, no fixed corporate login? Texting never fails.

Partner Portal

Allow independent 3rd party partners manage their micro-poll participation with a partner portal


Made for enterprise

....builtin integrations with your HR/messaging systems

SAP SuccessFactors, Office365, MS Teams, Slack, Outlook, API, ...

Contact us to learn more about integration options