Real-time problem reporting and employee feedback solution for logistics, manufacturing and front-line service workers.

Reduce errors, increase productivity, improve employee retention through voice-based problem reporting - without expensive IoT hardware.
Keep your best workers, by letting them improve their own workplace.

Peoplegeist is a software tool

for employees to record problems via voice-messages

How was the truck loaded?

to receive a problem-priority list

Feedback analysis

and for the team to solve problems together

Productivity: OEE

Action Kanban


box size too small
shift-plan late
pickup-truck late

In Progress

new items not labelled


XO-items wrong barcode
nobody called to cover

What makes Peoplegeist work

Peoplegeist offers a no-training problem-reporting method for non-desk employees and an automated analysis that empowers teams to solve problems themselves and track their progress against measurable outcomes.

1. Spoken problem reports, right when it happen, in any language.

How is your shift today?

Press to speak
  • Multilingual 100+ languages/accents.
  • Familiar format, like restaurant review.
  • Open-ended format, report unexpected & unknown problems.
  • Add photos/video/GPS-coordinates (optional)

2. Whatever channel works best


Pin-up QR-Codes. For everyone to scan.


Use their favorite chat app


The leading communication tool for frontline workers.


Put up tablets for everyone to use

SMS / Texting

Independent contractors? Texting never fails.

Open API

We integrate with your existing tools


Use bots to interact

MS Teams

Give feedback via MS Teams Bot

  • Channels your employees already use
  • No-training-needed and well-known communication tools
  • Fix installed kiosks, embedded devices, mobile devices possible
  • Kiosks provided by peoplegeist (4G option, no LAN required)

3. Automatic priority-list generation with NLP/ML

  • Automatic problem priority-list
  • Made for team-leads & staff
  • Empowers team to improve their own workplace.
  • Increase engagement and retention through involvement and participation.

4. Coaching to empower the team & action tracking - No more "nothing happens"

Productivity: OEE

Action Kanban


box size too small
shift-plan late
pickup-truck late

In Progress

new items not labelled


XO-items wrong barcode
nobody called to cover
  • On-site coaching of team-leaders, staff and management to make best use of feedback.
  • Empower team by coaching simple yet effective "continuous improvement methods" (5 Whys, Gemba-Walks, PDCA,…)
  • Outcome tracking (OEE, turnover, fulfillment rate, …) to let team own their progress
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Why not surveys

How to get continuous feedback without survey fatigue


Why they love it...

  • ☆☆☆☆☆ rating: I know that from restaurants
  • No writing, I just say it in my own words
  • Easy with barcode/smartphone, no need to learn computer-login
  • I'm part of finding a solution

We do long paper surveys once a year, but who can remember all the things that happened during the year.

  • Quick & easy, I can record problems on the road right when I encounter them.
  • I can use instant-messaging on my phone, no need to search for a survey-link
  • I can see actions taken

On the road, there was no way for me to provide feedback to improve things.

  • Comments let me understand the concrete daily-life problems.
  • Problems are reported in a timley manner, not when everybody has quit.
  • I can discuss it with the team and find solutions together.
  • I can track how defects have decreased, hence can demonstrate positive financial impact.

We did changes only when I pressed for it. It was all based on my judgment. The team can now act on their own, even if I'm on vacation.


Made for enterprise

....builtin integrations with your HR/messaging systems

SAP SuccessFactors, Office365, MS Teams, Slack, Outlook, API, ...

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