Real-time employee feedback for blue-collar, front-line service, and non-desk workers.

Understand employee needs with peoplegeist's feedback solution for hard-to-reach workforces. Increase employee retention, reduce absenteeism, and staff turnover. Provide great employee experience to keep your best workers.

Peoplegeist is a software tool

for employees to submit naturally spoken feedback

How was your shift today?

for management to receive structured feedback

Employee feedback report


What makes Peoplegeist work

Peoplegeist offers non-desk worker appropriate feedback-channels, feedback format and automated analysis to understand your employees' needs.

1. Lets employees say what they think in their words

How was your shift today?

Press to speak
  • Familiar feedback format, like a restaurant review.
  • Employees can write or speak in their mother language (multi-language).
  • Simple open-ended questions everyone understands
  • No more, "do you somewhat agree?"

2. Channels to reach your teams


Pin-up QR-Codes. For everyone to scan.


Use their favorite chat app


Use bots to interact

MS Teams

Give feedback via MS Teams Bot


The leading communication tool for frontline workers.


Put up tablets for everyone to use

SMS / Texting

Independent contractors? Texting never fails.

Open API

We integrate with your existing tools

  • Channels your employees already use
  • No-training-needed and well-known communication tools
  • Available 24/7, from everywhere

3. Automatic comment analysis with NLP/ML

Highlighting the topic and the concrete problem to understand the reasons behind.

Again, we had barely time for our breaks today. There were so many packages and so few people around. Teamwork is really great and everyone stayed to finish the day but the unplanned overtime is hard for family life.

In the summer the Hall B gets really hot. For us older guys, you need more breaks in between. To finish the job, I had to do unplanned overtime again.

  • Automatic topic analysis
  • Shows topic & the problem (unlike word clouds)
  • Focus on concrete problems you can act on

4. Respond to employees - No more "nothing happens"

Inventory scanners show often errors in the south warehouse

Thanks, IT has improved WIFI in that warehouse. Let us know if it does not get better.

  • Respond to employees, tell them the actions you're taking
  • Show everyone their feedback has impact
  • Institutionalize real feedback-action culture
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How to get continuous feedback without survey fatigue


Why they love it...

  • ☆☆☆☆☆ rating: I know that from restaurants
  • Simple questions that let me say it in my words
  • Easy with barcode/smartphone, no need to learn computer-login
  • Voice notes are so quick

After a hard shift, long surveys are cumbersome and half of the questions don't apply to me.

  • Quick & easy, I can record problems on the road right when I encounter them.
  • I can use instant-messaging on my phone, no need to search for a survey-link
  • I see my boss's actions

On the road, long surveys are hard to do on my phone.

  • Comments let me understand the concrete daily-life problems.
  • Receive feedback every day, no need to wait for year employee survey.
  • I see problems not listed on classic questionnaires.
  • I can show my team the actions that have been taken.

The old surveys were long and infrequent. I always had to "guess" and "interprete" the score without any concrete information about the reasons behind dissatisfaction.


Made for enterprise

....builtin integrations with your HR/messaging systems

SAP SuccessFactors, Office365, MS Teams, Slack, Outlook, API, ...

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