Reduce downtime by 15% with knowledge in your shift- and maintenancelogs.

Our Text-AI reads your maintenance documentation for you and shows you repeating problems and how to solve them.

Reduce downtime by 15% with knowledge in your shift- and maintenancelogs.

Our Text-AI reads your maintenance documentation for you and shows you repeating problems and how to solve them.

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Unlock the potential of your shift logs

What you can gain from your shift log-, maintenance-, and MES-log - comments.

Pareto charts

Get a breakdown of the problems by frequency or downtime

Root cause analysis

Get a list of all documented causes by problem

Share trouble shooting knowledge


Valve hissing/noise

Access your colleagues' knowledge and know how they solved it.

🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇵🇹 🇵🇱 🇷🇸 🇮🇹 🇩🇪 Our multi-lingual AI understands the language of your staff (50 languages)

Your shift log-, maintenance-, and MES-log - comments is a valuable treasure.

They document all the problems in production and how they were resolved.

Text AI enables you to unlock this knowledge. The software automates reading through the logs and summarizes problems, resolutions and improvements found in the text.

The App automatically creates pareto charts of production issues, shows hints for the root-cause analysis, and can suggest resolution steps to speed up trouble shooting.

The problem we solve

The traditional approach

Nobody was happy:

  • Operators: favorite category is other
  • Analyst: manual data cleaning
  • shopfloor management: Still no idea what issues happen how often

With peoplegeist

Upload an excel with your shift log texts.
AI will automatically categorize all issues and create pareto charts for you.

Start enjoying pareto charts

No IT-Project needed, just an Excel sheet and you are ready

How to use Text-AI in your manufacturing operation?

Shopfloor Management: Analyst & Team Huddles

Automate manual categorization of log data and spend more time dicussing with operators the summarization of their maintenance comments.

  • Custom Pareto and Root cause analysis
  • Dashboard for team-huddles
  • Note taking for team actions
  • Track progress over time

Trouble shooting: Mobile QR-Code

Cutdown on trouble shooting time & provide guidance to new joiners

  • Scan QR-Code to load trouble shooting help
  • Resolution steps for known issues
  • Find similar cases from the past

Start benefiting from your maintenance logs

Peoplegeist has developed a NLP AI (natural language processing) that understands manufacturing problems and solutions in maintenance logs

To make sense of text-logs you don't need to manually categorize them anymore nor do you have to read through them one by one. Our AI will scan them for you and create breakdown analysis charts with the push of a button.

These pareto charts can be used for downtime-analysis, predict maintenance needs and find training gaps.

Once our AI has learned about your problems at the factory you can query the AI when you encounter an issue. The software can show potential solutions based on past experience.

Our software works multilingual across 50 languages. Employees can use it in their native language. Cross-lingual analysis is especially helpful to find repeating problem patterns across sites in different countries. It also helps to share knowledge across teams working in different languages.

Data our Text-AI can analyze

Maintenance / shift log comments

Improve machine & shopfloor operations

Product - Non-Conformance/Claims

Get Defects by SKU

Technical machine logs

Assess machine state, trigger maintenance actions

Service Calls

Find maintenance and training gaps. Reduce calls and onsite visits

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