For leaders who want to measure their impact on the organization.

With Peoplegeist's micro-polling you can become the listening leader today's employees, staff and students are looking for.

Plain, simple & actionable feedback

... like restaurant ratings

"The shift plan is never posted on time"

Factory A

"The internet and the online apps are very slow"

Main Office


Straight-forward questions everyone can understand more “do you somewhat agree?”

How was your recent IT-Helpdesk experience?


Continuous real-time feedback more waiting for the 'annual' survey

Current 0

Full range of feedback channels to reach every workforce

....go beyond email-surveys


Print-out and pin-up QR-Codes. Use smartphones for anonymous and PIN protected polls.

Smart Email

Send-time optimization to reduce distractions and improve open-rate.

MS Teams / Slack

Reach outside sales and field-workers on their favorite messaging app.


The leading communication tool for frontline workers.


Get feedback from factory workers, nomatter the shift they are on.

Instagram / TikTok / Facebook / LinkedIn

Reach students, campus visitors and Gen-Zs on their favorite social media.

SMS / Texting

Retail staff, independent contractors, no fixed corporate login? Texting never fails.


Made for enterprise

....builtin integrations with your HR/messaging systems

SAP SuccessFactors, Office365, MS Teams, Slack, Outlook, API, ...

Contact us to learn more about integration options