AI Text-Analyzer that understands MES-logs & shiftbook logs in manufacturing, reduces downtime and improves efficiency

Gain insights from your text comments in shiftbook-logs, maintenance logs, MES-logs for downtime analysis and preventive maintenance.

Reduce machine troubleshooting time with automatic solution recommendations.

Eliminate manual categorization of log entries with AI.

AI for manufacturing

Our AI based NLP (natural language processing) can scan through your shift logs and other unstructured text data from manufacturing. It understands problems, solutions and improvements recorded by your employees. The AI remembers relations between problem-solution and action-improvement. Your can use this knowledge base to improve your operation.


Results in <2 weeks

From first contact to first results in less than 2 weeks.

No IT-integration needed

Start leveraging your data without complicated IT-integration project. An XLS-export is enough to get started.

Quantifiable impact

Track impact by reduced downtime, reduced waste, or whatever you currently track.


Why they love it...

  • My comments are used
  • I'm part of making improvements
  • No navigating through category-tree anymore

We are asked to comment on issues, but I never understood why as nothing happens with it anyway. Also filling out all the categories took longer than fixing the issue.

  • I can access my colleagues experience with the troubleshooter.
  • No more categories to pick.
  • We can make use of all the schift-documentation.

Shift logs were not done properly, as nobody saw the benefit. This made it harder for us to fix things. We also kept fixing the same things over and over as we didn't learn from our past mistakes.

  • Clear prioritization of issues by downtime impact.
  • Automatic issue-breakdown for root-cause analysis.
  • Simple charts the team can discuss in their huddles.

Finding patterns in all the logs was impossible. I had to prioritize improvement initiatives based on gut feeling.


Turns shift logging from a documentation chore into a source of insights

Peoplegeist has developed a NLP AI (natural language processing) that understands manufacturing problems and solutions in operations logbooks.

To make sense of text-logs you don't need to manually categorize them anymore nor do you have to read through them one by one. Our AI will scan them for you and create breakdown analysis charts with the push of a button.

These breakdown charts can be used for downtime-analysis and also to predict maintenance needs.

Once our AI has learned about your problems at the factory you can query the AI when you encounter an issue. The software can show potential solutions based on past experience.

Our software works multilingual across 50+ languages. Employees can use it in their native language. Cross-lingual analysis is especially helpful to find repeating problem patterns across sites in different countries. It also helps to share knowledge across teams working in different languages.

Say, A solution first reported in German can be found if someone looks for a solution in Spanish.


Made for enterprise

....Cloud native, API-ready, encryption by default

Hosted in EU datacenters, available for other jurisdictions ...

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