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Manage student satisfaction and reputation

With Peoplegeist’s micro-polling you can now measure the student experience

  • Manage student experience and student reviews proactively
  • Improve student employment outcome
  • Manage reputation proactivly
  • Improve retention and graduation rates

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How micro-polling measures student experience

  • With micro-polling you can ask students to rate any aspect of their student experience, e.g. "do you recommend your friends to study here".
  • The tool continuously polls a sample of the students and repeats the question.
  • The responses form a continuous trend line.
  • Response breakdown by class/major/campus/... is possible.
  • Attitude changes and trends can be visualized.
  • Random sampling avoids survey fatigue.
  • Reach students on their favorite channel: instant messaging, social media

Pool of all students
weekly feedbacks form a trendline

Why measure student experience

Student experience and student outcome are important drivers in institutional rankings and student reviews.

Managing your reputation and academic observability helps you to attract the students that are a good fit for your programs.

Measuring the student experience in real-time allows you to proactively detect and manage issues before they manifest themselves in reviews and recruiter reputations.

Avoid surprises 2-3 years later and manage student outcome proactively

Rankings are typically based on data collected 1-3 years before. Reacting on a low score today means the problems happened 2-3 years before already.

With real-time feedback you can react as problems arise and avoid surprises in 2-3 years.

Student’s employment / professional career

As school administrator you can influence these outcomes by providing a recruiting friendly environment.

Understand how well your university performs in:

  • Prepare students for the application process
  • Provie recruiting opportunities / job fairs
  • Availability of internships
  • Compatibility of academic schedule with practical trainings / internships
  • Alumni support network
  • Skill – market fit

Help your students to excel in the job market right from the get-go.

Peoplegeist allows you to get a simple rating on those dimensions, as easy as a “google 5-star restaurant rating”, and improve on them.

Student & alumni satisfaction survey

Especially professional schools ask current students & alumni about their experience on campus and how well the school prepares them for professional life.

  • Do you offer enough relevant electives at pratical hours?
  • Does the academic schedule allow for study experiences aboard or internships?
  • Do students and alumni support each other professionally?
  • Do you have a tight support network?
  • Do you provide counselling for at risk students?

Detect dissatisfaction and issues early on. Take corrective measures right away.

Peoplegeist not only tracks student sentiments but also communicates to the students the improvement measures implemented. This allows you as a school administrator to enter a positive feedback-loop with the student body.

Let students see improvements before they leave the campus dissatisfied.

Turn critical students into advocates

Peoplegeist's micro-polling allows you to enter into a dialog with your students by communicating the improvements you made based on their feedback

Turn critical students into advocates and happy students into fans that carry the campus-banner into the world.

Retention & graduation rate

Low retention and graduation rate can be very telling that something is not ideal for many students. Understanding why students can’t reach their aspiration helps you provide a better environment.

Gather feedback in real-time from students with simple “google-star-rating” like questions.

Enter in a real conversation with students through the feedback-loop

Micro-Polling is your real-time student-satisfaction dashboard

No sales manager would wait 3 years for a sales-performance report. As a school administrator, neither should you.

Micro-polling with its integrated feedback-loop is your daily performance dashboard that helps you manage proactively student outcome and student satisfaction.

Use the micro-poll simulator to see how micro-polling reduces survey-load for your employees

Micro-polling simulator

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