Real-time shopfloor problem reporting and employee feedback for production, manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse workers.

Reduce errors, increase productivity, improve employee retention. Improve workplace experience for your truck drivers, factory workers, assembly-line operator, warehouse staff and keep your best workers.

Give your team the shopfloor app for an employee driven improvement process.

Peoplegeist is a productivity software tool

for employees to report problems via voice-messages

How is your shift going?

for teams to receive a problem priority-list

Employee feedback report


Productivity SaaS solution that goes for financially measurable outcome and tackles #workershortage

EUR 80'000

cost per unhappy production employee

OEE: accidents, work defects, and lower productivity (> EUR 30'000/year).

Attrition costs: Recruiting and training (>EUR 20'000, depending on skill-level).

SLA misses: Lower fulfillment-rate, missed SLA, canelled orders due to labor-shortage/inefficient processes.


What makes Peoplegeist work

Peoplegeist let's employees of all backgrounds submit spoken problem reports, and our automated analysis empowers teams to solve problems themselves and track their progress against measurable outcomes.

1. Lets employees say it in their words

How is your shift going?

  • Unrestricted feedback
  • No need to write "proper" english
  • Let's employee speak in their native language (Multi-language).

2. Lets employees give feedback on the channels they already use


Pin-up QR-Codes. For everyone to scan.

Open API

Integrate with existing tools


Use their favorite chat app


The leading communication tool for frontline workers.

SMS / Texting

Independent contractors? Texting never fails.


Put up tablets for everyone to use


Use bots to interact

MS Teams

Give feedback via MS Teams Bot

3. Automatic problem-priority list, tracked against OEE

Let's the team discuss priority-list and work on solutions together.

Let's employees own their progress by tracking against productivity-metrics (OEE, SLA%, overtime-reduction, ....)

Topics last month

4. Action tracking & coaching - No more "nothing happens"

Productivity: OEE

Action Kanban


box size too small
shift-plan late
pickup-truck late

In Progress

new items not labelled


XO-items wrong barcode
nobody called to cover

On-site coach for team-enablement:

  • Rollout
  • Action-Planing linked to outcome
  • continuous Improvement Methods

Track against measurable outcome.

Ensure the team can own their feedback & progress.


Made for enterprise

....builtin integrations with your HR/messaging systems

SAP SuccessFactors, Office365, MS Teams, Slack, Outlook, API, ...

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