Real-time co-working guests and visitor feedback.

Improve desk-sharing, co-working, hybrid-office experience, understand how your services and your setup are valued by your customers.

Peoplegeist is a software tool

for guests to submit naturally spoken feedback

Was your visit satisfying?

for management to receive structured feedback

Visitor feedback report


Why measure visitor experience?

The biggest concern of large open office spaces and co-working space is productivity-loss through distractions.

Many employees got to experience the benefits of quiet and personal workspaces during the work-from-home period.

While many want to come back to the office to connect, providing a productive environment that doesn't frustrate your staff is critical.

Don't wait for an annual survey

Making quick iterations and improvements on the workspace is critical for bringing employees back together.

If employees had one or two bad experiences in the new shared-desk/hybrid-office setup, they might just stay at home or change to another company.

Micro-Polling is your real-time feedback tool

No sales manager would wait 1 years for a sales-performance report. As workspace manager, neither should you.

Get daily updates and understand the day-to-day needs of your visitors to provide a better workspace.


What makes Peoplegeist work

Peoplegeist offers a feedback solution with the right feedback-channels, feedback format and automated analysis for visitors and guests.

1. Formless, just natural spoken free-text

How was your visit today?

  • Unrestricted feedback
  • Let's everyone speak in their native language (Multi-language).

2. Let visitors give feedback on the channels they already use


Pin-up QR-Codes. For everyone to scan.


Use their favorite chat app

SMS / Texting

Independent contractors? Texting never fails.


Put up tablets for everyone to use


Use bots to interact

MS Teams

Give feedback via MS Teams Bot

3. Automatic comment analysis with NLP/ML

Highlighting the topic and the concrete problem to understand the reasons behind.

The space is large, with nice furniture and meeting rooms. Not too easy to find parking space for visitors.

Topics last month

4. Talk about the improvements

The workspace is great but the noise from chatter is distracting. People have loud video calls and meetings everywhere.

Thanks for the input, we will introduce phone booths and separate collaboration space from focus-space to let you better focus.

  • Respond to feedback, tell them the actions you're taking
  • Show everyone their feedback has value
  • Let guests feel part of it.

Made for large institutions

....builtin integrations with your HR/messaging systems

SAP SuccessFactors, Office365, MS Teams, Slack, Outlook, API, ...

Contact us to learn more about integration options


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