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Annual Employee Surveys don't help when COVID-19 hits

How to get continuous real-time employee feedback for timely actions

Solve the Survey Problem

The Problems with the Annual Employee Survey


Can’t see crisis

Asking once a year captures only a snapshot. You don’t see crises and trends forming during the year.


React too late

Reporting on issues a year later is often too late to mitigate issues appropriately.


Millennials simply quit

Millennials and Gen-Zs don’t wait for the annual survey to voice their opinions; instead they just quit.

The annual employee survey does not provide timely employee feedback in a fast-changing environment.

The Micro-Polling solution

Micro-Polling provides continuous real-time feedback for management to act before it becomes a crisis

Peoplegeist Micro-Polling continuously polls a sample of your employees

Every few days a random sample of employees is asked about a topic.
The responses provide continuous feedback.

Pool of all employees
weekly feedbacks form a trendline

Continuous feedback from Peoplegeist enables to

  • 1
    Measure employee sentiment
  • 2
    Understand feedback comments
  • 3
    Act timely
  • 4
    Repeat continuously monitor and adjust

Do you feel protected by the company's COVID measures?


Tracking critical input for all stakeholders

  • HR: people analytics, engagement monitoring
  • Communications: employee perception and sentiments
  • CEO/COO Office: employee experience and culture
  • Managers: employee rating for internal services
  • Board: employee well-being KPIs for balanced score card

Micro-Polling tells you in real time how your staff is doing;
not only during COVID-19 times.


Foster a feedback culture and improve employee experience with Peoplegeist

Measure …

… employee opinions about their workplace experience continuously.

  • Employee engagement
  • Startup mission buy-in
  • Onboarding program rating
  • Corporate communications feedback
  • Internal service ratings & reviews

Understand …

… changes in employee sentiments as they develop.

  • Reactions to management announcements
  • Public press impact
  • Diversity and inclusiveness policy
  • Culture shifts
  • Leadership confidence

Act …

… timely and with confidence thanks to data insights.

  • See results by deparment
  • Get text comments to understand changes
  • Patterns and trends over time

Repeat …

… the cycle, see in real-time the effect from your actions.

  • Continuous & transparent feedback empowers employee and management
  • Foster open feedback culture
  • Institutionalize use of dashboard
  • Include KPIs in balanced score card

Surveys vs. Pulse-surveys vs. Micro-polling

Micro-polling is ideal for tracking high-level KPIs, sentiment changes and change management results.

Surveys / Questionnaires

Classic 20+ question surveys

Onetime research survey and questionnaires based on psychometric models

Pulse Surveys

Classic surveys on a loop ⟲

Re-send same survey periodically. Great for comparing smaller team reports over time but causes survey-fatigue.


Randomized polling of single questions

Ideal for tracking top-level service KPIs, monitoring attitude / sentiment changes and for longitudinal studies.