Track Employee Engagement & Culture shifts

Use micro-polling to proactively act on employee feedback

  • Track key engagement drivers to detect crises early before employees start to leave.
  • Measure employee opinion shifts to track the impact of company events on cultural values.
  • Enable real-time people analytics data with continuous micro-polls.

Employee engagement and culture are both notoriously hard to capture but are both drivers in your organizational performance.

When it comes to employee engagement it is hard to ignore culture as it is a big part of what makes the employee experience.

Culture provides the framework in which employees act. It is created through the individuals in the company and through stories the organization retells itself. How these norms align with the employee’s norm determine the individual’s sense of belonging to the organization.

Detect cultural shifts with micro-polling

There are many culture assessment frameworks available in the survey technology space to capture a snapshot. But isn’t a companies' culture alive and written every day? A new employee can bring in a new entrepreneurial spirit with his/her actions or an accident can impact how an organization deals with risk.

A cultural change can also be intentional as part of a change management program. (See how micro-polling helps with change management).

Micro-polling can measure employee attitudes towards (e.g., risk) over a longer time period and show gradual changes. This is critical for management to understand how the organization interpretes certain situations and how these interpretations impact employee engagement.

Track employee engagement year-round

Similar to culture assessments, employee engagement surveys provide snapshots. Continuously tracking main drivers of your employee engagement helps you address issues and team concerns proactively before it becomes a crisis.

Crises triggered by events within the year cannot be detected with yearly surveys. Low team moral that goes undetected can lead to consternation and resignations of key employees.

See also more about employee engagement and micro-polling on "Why micro-polling (COVID Case)"

How Peoplegeist's micro-polling helps with culture and employee engagement monitoring.

# Topic Micro-polling


Culture and norm shifts

Make changes in attitudes measurable through micro-polling


Engagement dimensions:

  • Organizational and role fit
  • Ownership / Empowerment
  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Health & Well-being

Micro-polling can track these and other dimensions in real-time.

This is especially critical in transformational phases, strategy / leadership change situation.

Peoplegeist is the ideal tool for next generation people analytics teams.


Changes employee benefits / HR policies

Verify impact of initiative by measuring change of employee perception.

Use the micro-poll simulator to see how micro-polling reduces survey-load for your employees

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