Measure Well-being Initiatives

Can you demonstrate the impact of your well-being initiative to senior management?

  • Use micro-polling to make well-being measurable and assess the current situation
  • Track company wide well-being improvements as you rollout your well-being initiatives
  • Monitor well-being levels and respond proactively

Employee well-being has been especially important with the long running and widespread adoption of “work-from-home” policies and the raise of burnout cases.

Employee well-being is not only about employee happiness, but it impacts productivity, retention, health-costs, absenteeism and other topics typical for low employee engagement. The concept of well-being is an increasingly important concept when it comes to workplace experience.

Physical health, mental health and social connectivity are major components of most well-being frameworks. Especially mental and social dimensions are hard to assess and manage.

A typical well-being program goes through a few phases:

  • Assess situation
  • Define goals and initiatives
  • Implement program
  • Monitor well-being

How micro-polling helps well-being by making it measurable

Peoplegeist’s micro-polling does not only help to understand the current employee’s well-being perception but it also informs stakeholders of the impact of the well-being program.

Most importantly, micro-polling is ideal to monitor ongoingly the well-being levels to avoid undetected relapses.

# Step Micro-polling


Assess Situation

Understand the current situation and identifying the delta

Establish baseline reading on employee well-being dimensions: physical health, mental health, social connections.

Track employee opinions over the course of the project.


Define goals and initiative

Communicate what and why this initiative is rolled out.

Ask how many employees understand the change and accept it.

Collect concerns and address them to ensure buy-in.


Implement program

Training, communication and adjustment of policies / processes

Monitor changes in well-being perception compared to baseline in step #1


Monitor well-being

Continue to monitor situation.

Continue to track employee well-being and detect changes.

Use the micro-poll simulator to see how micro-polling reduces survey-load for your employees

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