Process Management & Measuring Employee Experience

Make your workplace experience measurable and improve to win over your best talents

  • Measure your employee’s everyday experience at your company with google-maps like "5-start"-rating for your internal services.
  • Learn which employee benefits programs are loved by your employees and which programs do not meet their needs.
  • Measure satisfaction of onboarding programs and other lifecycle-event programs.

Every company knows about Customer Experience but only in recent years Employee Experience has become a topic too. In a broader sense Workplace Experience is increasingly important to companies competing for talent.

The workplace experience is critical these days because of a few trends:

  • Millennials and younger generations are looking for fulfillment and ownership in their work. They are looking for a job that is meaningful to them.
  • Competition for talent has not eased down. Specialists and engineers are increasingly hard to get.
  • Change is happening faster and faster in companies. Understanding how employees experience and adapt to organizational change is relevant.
  • The employee today is like a customer. She/he is used to great customer experience from apps and services in private life. The employee expects the same at work too.
  • Bad workspace stories are easily shared on social media and employer review sites. Negative news can have much larger impact on employer reputation.

Peoplegeist’s Micro-Polling started out as a workplace experience solution addressing the need to measure and understand what employers experience everyday at work and what they think about it.

Measure employee satisfaction of company services and processes

With Peoplegeist’s micro-polling you can measure the employee-touchpoints that make up the workplace experience.

Micro-polling allows you to collect “google-maps 5-star-rating” from your employees about your internal services like (IT Desk, employee restaurant, benefits/perks, …).

Service and department managers can improve their processes and organization to better serve their internal customers and in turn help contribute to a great workplace experience.

With micro-polling you can also learn what is important to your employees and reorganize your service offering better.

Polls can also be targeted at people who have interacted with a specific service (like customer satisfaction survey after using IT Helpdesk)

Measure employee lifecycle / employee-benefits satisfaction

Providing special programs and services for your employees is great. With micro-polling you can verify your investment and measure employee satisfaction of specific employee-benefits.

Ask all new joiners about the onboarding program or ask all recent parents how the parental-leave / daycare options are working out.

You can make these employee programs relevant and win at the workplace experience competition.

Micro-polling is great for measuring employee-company interactions for a great workplace experience

# Area Micro-polling


Company services

Get google-maps like “5-star-rating” for your internal services.

Collect feedback comments for improvements.


Employee benefits programs

Get feedback on the benefits you provide and learn which ones your employees love the most.


Lifecycle events

Event-based polls can be sent to a specific audience to ask for feedback after completion of a program.

Use the micro-poll simulator to see how micro-polling reduces survey-load for your employees

Micro-polling simulator

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