Measure Change Management & Culture

Change Impact Analysis with Peoplegeist's Micro-Polling

  • Track employee attitudes as you implement your change / communication campaign.
  • Detect resentment and change-resistance, allowing you to adjust your communication campaigns.
  • Monitor employee sentiments after the change initiative to avoid relapses to old habits.
  • Visualize the outcome to stakeholders of the change management / communication campaigns in real-time.

Acceptance of new strategy

How micro-polling measures change

  • With Micro-polling you can ask employees to rate the current change efforts.
  • The tool repeats the question periodically for a representative sample.
  • Random sampling avoids survey fatigue.
  • Analyse feedback by topic/workforce/department/office/...
  • Change & culture impact can be visualized.
Pool of all employees
periodic feedbacks form a trendline

How to use Micro-Polling for Culture & Change Impact Analysis

Change is hard. A Gartner Study shows that 50% of all change initiatives fail.

Peoplegeist’s micro-polling is a tool that helps you to measure the current baseline cultural norms, the impact of your communication & change initiatives, and monitor the long term effect after the change project.

Micro-polling shows you when attitutes do not change, resistance is forming or new concerns come up. You can adjust your communication strategy accordingly and react dynamically to new challanges.

Tracking your changes reduces the risk of missing any steps in between and helps you communicate to stakeholders the impact of your work.

Example situation

To illustrate the implementation steps, we will use an example company “OurCompany”.

The company aspires to the values:

  • We value innovation
  • We take actions
  • We care about our world
  • We act with purpose and conviction

1) Define behavior & manifestation

Having defined values is the first step. Culture & values however become real if we act accordingly and include that in all the decisions, we make each day.

If you haven't already, describe each value, be more precise and describe what it means and what it does not mean.

Based on the description you define one observable behavior that encopases the cultural value.

You can ask the employees if they have observed the behavior. The more they have seen it the more aligned is the culture.

Value: "We value innovation"

Description Behavior to ask employees
Desired Dare to try,
learn from mistakes,
ok to fail,
empowered to take risks,
"Do we try new ideas at the company?"
Opposite We tried already,
“follow best-practice”,
not my problem,
finding reasons why it doesn’t work,
don’t ask questions just follow instructions
"My work has not changed for a long time"

Demonstration question

Do we try new ideas at the company?

Please select one option

2) Start & Monitor Micro-Poll

Configure the questions above and monitor the responses coming from the employees.

3) Respond to feedback as they come in

Respond to longer comments in a timely manner, even if it’s just to acknowledge that you have received it.

To maintain engagement with the poll, it is important to show employees that you do read their comments and that their voice is heard.

4) Analyze feedback on the dashboard

After receiving a few dozen comments, you should be able to identify recurring topics and negative feedbacks.

Start tagging the feedback (especially negative feedback) by group.

You can see the most frequent topics to arise and prioritize your action.

5) Communicate actions with the micro-polling tool

Share your insights and the results with your employees regularly. This further builds confidence, that their voices are valued.

Post for example, that you have identified the top 3 topics.

Post again once you have decided what actions will be taken.

Example questions to get your started


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