Measure Change Management & Coaching

Use Peoplegeist Micro-Polling to make change initiatives measurable

  • Track changes in employee attitudes and perception as you implement your change / coaching program.
  • Monitor employee sentiments after the change initiative to avoid relapses to old habits.
  • Demonstrate to management and the team the impact of the change / coaching programs in real-time.

Change is hard. A Gartner Study shows that 50% of all change initiatives fail

Companies change all the time to adapt to changing environments. Most of the time change is incremental: adjusting sales pitch, hiring a developer for a new feature, adding an offering to the product portfolio. As such many do not use the term “Change Management” explicitly. A transformation happens nonetheless.

Coaching focuses more on the individual, but it also deals with changing attitude and behavior.

Micro-polling provides measurements for each step of the change

Change progress is hard to measure because the hard part is about human behavior and the mindset. These soft human attitudes are hard to capture and as change manager you are often not sure of your impact.

Peoplegeist’s micro-polling is a tool that helps you to track the change progress. You can measure the existing employee baseline attitude towards the change, the impact of your communication ≈ change progress, and monitor the long term effect after the change project.

Tracking your changes reduces the risk of missing any steps in between and helps you communicate to stakeholders the impact of your work.

How micro-polling measures change management progress

Change frameworks provide a step-by-step guide. However, if you can’t measure if your previous step was successful there is a high risk that the subsequent step will fail.

Whether it is Coaching or Change Management most methodologies share some common pattern.

# Step Micro-polling


Assess Situation

Understand the current situation and identify the delta

Establish baseline reading of employee attitude towards the current situation.

Track employee opinions over the course of the project.


Prepare organization

Communicate why change is necessary and where we need to go.

Ask how many employees understand the change and agree with it.

Collect concerns and address them to ensure buy-in.


Implement program

Training, communication and adjustment of organizations / processes

Conduct poll to track if employees have understood the communication and have accepted the changes.

Compare against baseline readings taken at step 1.


Enforce change

Avoid relapse. Make sure that old habits don’t appear again.

Poll employee experience satisfaction after the change.


Review results and adjust if necessary

Continue to monitor situation and enforce new habits.

Continue to poll employee opinions about new organization.

Use the micro-poll simulator to see how micro-polling reduces survey-load for your employees

Micro-polling simulator

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