Digital near-miss forms, safety observations and kaizen cards

Voice activated forms for near-miss, safety observation reporting, continuous improvement ideas.

Collect more reports from shop floor workers with voice - memos and automatic transcription.


Record problems & ideas as voice messages

Any issues?

Press to speak

(100+ languages/accents)

Group similar problems automatically with Machine Learning


Digitize with voice

Digital reports for simple tracking, reporting and integration with management systems.

  • Near miss form
  • Safety observation card
  • Kaizen card
  • Continuous improvement form

Stop buying paper cards

Stop buying paper kaizen forms, safety observation forms or continuous improvement forms.

  • Increase improvement idea and near-miss reporting
  • Involve your employees with voice

What makes Peoplegeist work

Lean management, kaizen, quality management, safety management all rely on employee participation and employee input.

Voice makes it easy for employees to participate.

  • Multilingual 100+ languages/accents.
  • Open-ended format, report unexpected & unknown problems.
  • Quick & easy without onerous form writing exercise.
  • Add photos/video/GPS-coordinates (optional)
  • Familiar format, like restaurant review.

Whatever channel works best for you

Use whatever channel your workforce already uses.
Our problem collection solution can be embedded into existing infrastructure.


Pin-up QR-codes at all workstations.
Scan the QR-code with a tablet or smartphone to access voice-recording WebApp.
No App download required.


Send voice-messages to a WhatsApp number.
Ideal for field-service staff.
It's the unofficial company-chat tool anyway ;-)

Digital SOP / devices

We integrate with existing tablet-Apps and devices through our API.
Contact us for a list of existing integrations.

Tablet / Kiosks

We provide rugged tablets suitable for shopfloor environment.
Install them at workstations and common-areas.
4G access included. No WIFI/Lan access required.


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