Reverse the survey - Don't ask questions, just let them tell you.

Let the employees tell you freely what they think in their words. Use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to help you analyse the feedback.


The Problems with classic questionnaires


Questionnaires are long by their very nature

Questionnaires work by breaking down a topic into many sub-topics.

To understand if a restaurant is good, you would ask the respondent about price, taste, desert, service, friendliness of staff, ...

The result is many, many detail questions that are hard to read and go through.


Scores aren't actionable

What does 2.3 out of 5 mean? Why do I have a bad score?

After a survey, you are often left guessing for the reason of a low score.

Without additional explanation, managers don't know how to act; hence 'nothing happens'.


Questionnaires leave blind spots

The results of the survey is only as useful as comprehensiveness of the questionnaire.

Back to the restaurant example. The food might be great, but if you don't include the toilet-experience on the survey, you might miss that you are out of toilet-paper.

You only learn about things you ask.

Employee questionnaires do not provide managers the insights needed to act.

The Micro-Polling solution

Micro-Polling reverses the survey and let's employee tell you the problems instead of you having to guess them.

Simple ratings; No more questionnaires

How well do the IT-tools help you at the warehouse?

Collect text feedback to understand the reason

How well do the IT-tools help you at the warehouse?

Natural language processing (NLP) helps you to process all the comments detect the most important problems.

  • Concrete and actionable list of problems
  • No more guessing the reason for a bad score
  • Clear prioritization
How well do the IT-tools help you at the warehouse?

Micro-Polling gives you an action-list and not just a score.


Foster a feedback culture and improve employee experience with Peoplegeist

Measure …

… employee opinions about their workplace experience continuously.

  • Employee engagement
  • Startup mission buy-in
  • Onboarding program rating
  • Corporate communications feedback
  • Internal service ratings & reviews

Understand …

… changes in employee sentiments as they develop.

  • Reactions to management announcements
  • Public press impact
  • Diversity and inclusiveness policy
  • Culture shifts
  • Leadership confidence

Act …

… timely and with confidence thanks to data insights.

  • See results by deparment
  • Get text comments to understand changes
  • Patterns and trends over time

Repeat …

… the cycle, see in real-time the effect from your actions.

  • Continuous & transparent feedback empowers employee and management
  • Foster open feedback culture
  • Institutionalize use of dashboard
  • Include KPIs in balanced score card

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