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How it works with micro-polling

If you use MS-Teams, chances are very high that your company uses it as part of office365.

Connecting Peoplegeist Micro-Polling with your office365 subscription allows you to add employee experience functionality to your office deployment.

Setup micro-polls and poll periodically your employees how they feel about aspects of the company and what their mental health situation is.

With the integration employees can be asked via ms-teams in direct-messages directly.

Employees can answer polls directly on their mobile teams-app or at the desktop.

Peoplegeist can synchronize all employees that have a corporate account including title, address, ..., and other information that are stored in your office365 directory.

Thanks to office 365, no need to maintain extra login-information for poll-managers. Our SSO-integration allows you to use the corproate login.

About Microsoft-Teams

Microsoft Teams is the central communication hub that is most often used together with office 365

You can chat and make video calls with colleagues and share documents, photos, videos to work together

For many companies it becomes the central communication tool in the company besides email.

MS Teams is available on web, desktop and mobile-phone, making it the communication channel for mobile-staff and front-line service workers without a fix desktop workplace.

Use the micro-poll simulator to see how micro-polling reduces survey-load for your employees

Micro-polling simulator