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Start micro-polling with Peoplegeist with only an excel-list

Use Peoplegeist Micro-Polling as SaaS

You can start collecting employee feedback and run your own polls with a free evaluation subscription.

All you need is an excel list with the employees you want to poll.

Data privacy is ensured through secure SaaS hosting, separate from corporate IT.

Run a simple micro-poll

No local installation or hosting at corporate datacenter required.

Upload employees to poll

Upload a excel-list with email and name of the employees you want to ask for feedback.

  • In the menu go to "Population"
  • Create a new population
  • Click 'Upload' and select the excel-file.
  • XLS/CSV are both supported. As long it's a table, Peoplegeist can read it (no need to follow a template).

You have just defined the survey population to poll.

Create a micropoll

Go to "Micropoll" and create a new poll. Follow the online guide through the steps

  1. Enter a name for the poll.
  2. Select population you just uploaded.
  3. Type in the question you want to ask (e.g. 'Please rate the VPN-experience when working from home').
  4. Select the answer type (e.g. 5-★★★★★ rating).
  5. Preview how the poll will appear to the employees.
  6. Select through which channels you want to send poll-invites (email, slack, teams, …).
  7. Save & run

The system will start sending out poll-invites to employees at random days.

Monitor chart on your dashboard

Click on "Dashboard" in the menu. You should find a new chart displaying the new micro-poll.

The chart updates in real-time as new responses come in through the day.

Let your employees know that you are testing this new tool and tell them to expect poll-invites.

Use the micro-poll simulator to see how micro-polling reduces survey-load for your employees

Micro-polling simulator

Contact us and get started with a free evaluation account.

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Advanced Micro-Polls

Want to use micro-polling for more company surveys, employee feedback and pulse surveys? Advanced Peoplegeist features will help you do more

Target specific employees


Audiences are filters (department, role, location, …) you can define to ask only specific employees about a topic.

Audiences increase the relevance of your surveys, increase engagement and lower survey-fatigue further.


Import your organizational-chart and reporting-hierarchy to build audiences based on reporting-line or department.

Event/Lifecycle-based polls

Poll all new-joiners about the onboarding experience.

Ask employee about IT-service quality after interacting with the service desk.

Manager dashboard

Provide managers a dashboard for their reporting-line or functional responsibility.

You can define for example if a manager can see employee engagement scores of her/his team

Single-Sign-On Office365

Integrate with your company login and provide single-sign-on with:

  • Office 365
  • Google Apps (business)
  • (contact us for other options)

Mobile and Multi-Channel polling

Poll through instant-messaging and chat apps to reach your employees on their favorite channel.

  • MS Teams
  • Slack
  • (contact us for other chat apps)

Contact us to use advanced micro-polling features from Peoplegeist

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