Voice-based shiftbook & event logging for manufacturing and frontline-services

Increase Problem Reporting Rate, Team Engagement and Productivity by making it easy to create logs for everyone.

Voice activated forms for near-miss, safety observation reporting, continuous improvement ideas.

Collect more reports from shop floor workers with voice - memos and automatic transcription.


Record problems & ideas as voice messages

Any issues?

Press to speak

(100+ languages/accents)

Group similar problems automatically with Machine Learning


It's quicker said

Speak for 5 secs and continue working. No more 'office run' to get a paper form, which nobody does anyway.

Everyone can say it

No matter the writing skills and what their first language is. Just let everyone say it in the language they're most comfortable with.


Whatever channel works best for you

Use whatever channel your workforce already uses.
Our problem collection solution can be embedded into existing infrastructure.


Pin-up QR-codes at all workstations.
Scan the QR-code with a tablet or smartphone to access voice-recording WebApp.
No App download required.


Send voice-messages to a WhatsApp number.
Ideal for field-service staff.
It's the unofficial company-chat tool anyway ;-)

Tablet / Kiosks

We provide rugged tablets suitable for shopfloor environment.
Install them at workstations and common-areas.
4G access included. No WIFI/Lan access required.


Why they love it...

  • I never used the paper form, this I can do right on the spot.
  • No writing, I just say it in my own words.
  • Easy with QR-code/smartphone, no need to learn computer-login.
  • I'm part of improving my workplace.

We do monthly feedback meetings and have an idea-forms in the office. But who can remember all the things that happened during day.

  • Quick & easy, I can record problems on the road right when I encounter them.
  • I can use WhatsApp on the road, no need to get the paper-form in the office.
  • I can see actions taken.

On the road, there was no way for me to provide feedback to improve things.

  • I get so much more input of all kinds of aspects from safety concerns to ergonomics.
  • Problems are reported in a timley manner, not when everybody has quit.
  • I can discuss it with the team and find solutions together.
  • I can track how defects have decreased, hence can demonstrate positive financial impact.

We received only a handful of improvement inputs. Even after incidents, it was difficult to get first-hand experience feedback.


What makes Peoplegeist work

Peoplegeist is an efficient problem & idea reporting method for your continuous improvement process. It helps you to bring lean management, total productive maintenance, kaizen to the shopfloor.

Record problems when they happen

  • Multilingual 100+ languages/accents.
  • Open-ended format, report unexpected & unknown problems.
  • Quick & easy without onerous form writing exercise.
  • Add photos/video/GPS-coordinates (optional)
  • Familiar format, like restaurant review.
  • Automatic problem detection and grouping of similar problems with machine learning.

Follow-up processes

Peoplegeist is a API-based software and can be integrated with existing safety-management, incident tracking, continous improvement or kanban systems.

Additional functionalities to follow-up on the collected safety-observations, continuous impovement ideas and near-miss reports are also available.


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