Simple Kaizen Action-Tracking Kanban (PDCA) for front-line & manufacturing workers.

Increase Team Engagement and Employee Retention - Empower your team to run their own continuous improvement process and to improve their own workplace with Bottom-up Kaizen.

Everything included to start a simple, employee-driven Kaizen process: Feedback Collection, Automated Analysis, Action Impact Tracking Kanban.

The app for employee-driven continuous improvement

Employee capture problems as they happen via voice

Any issues?

Press to speak

Problems are grouped and prioritized with machine learning

Problem analysis

Team tracks with e-kaizen board their actions and impact on hard KPIs

Productivity: OEE

Action Kanban


box size too small
shift-plan late
pickup-truck late

In Progress

new items not labelled


XO-items wrong barcode
nobody called to cover

Productivity increase

through systematic error-tagging and problem resolution

Employee engagement

through ownership and fewer workplace frustrations


Continuous improvement process owned and driven by front-line workers

Give your teams, who experience process frustrations and issues firsthand, the tool to solve their problems themselves.

With initial coaching for the team and team-leads in simple but effective continuous improvement methods.

It's ideal for self-driven teams and smaller operations without a full-time quality manager.

1. Voice based problem collection

Kaizen and all forms of continuous improvement processes start with problem reporting.

Voice based feedback is a quick no-training solution ideal for busy frontline workers without desk-workplace.

  • 100+ languages/accents, use your native language
  • Anonymous and no-blame culture
  • No cumbersome typing, just say it
  • Not interruptive: No paper-card or form required, 10sec for problem description and move on.
  • Add photos/video/GPS-coordinates (optional)

2. Channels they already use

Ubiquitous access is important to capture issues when they happen. Our solution integrates with warehouse devices and existing manufacturing tablets to leverage familiar channels.


Pin-up QR-Codes at all workstations and common areas for employees to scan when something happens

Open API

Integrate wit digital SOP, work instructions and existing devices


Use the favorite chat app most employees use on a daily basis.


Rugged terminals put up at workstations or as kiosks in common areas. 4G support, no wifi or LAN access required.


The leading communication tool for frontline workers.

SMS / Texting

Independent contractors? Texting never fails.

3. Automatic problem-priority list, action - impact tracking

Issues last month
  • Team can see priorities easily and discuss solutions together.
  • Employees own their progress by tracking against productivity-metrics (OEE, SLA%, overtime-reduction, ....)
  • Can be used as simple TPM, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing T Board, ..., any framework you want to use.

Productivity: OEE

Action Kanban


box size too small
shift-plan late
pickup-truck late

In Progress

new items not labelled


XO-items wrong barcode
nobody called to cover

4. On-site coaching - No more nothing happens

No "continuous improvement" team yet?

We provide on-site coaching for team-enablement:

  • Rollout
  • Action-Planing linked to outcome
  • continuous Improvement Methods

Demonstrate simple but effective methods like: PDCA(Plan Do Check Act), 5 Whys, Journey Mapping, Gemba - Walks, 3Ms, 5S.

Explain KPI and action impact. Ensure the team can own their feedback & progress.


Made for enterprise

....builtin integrations with your HR/messaging systems

SAP SuccessFactors, Office365, MS Teams, Slack, Outlook, API, ...

Contact us to learn more about integration options


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Special note: German works council

"Continous improvement" has touchpoints with the German works council law.

Peoplegeist can be operated 100% anonymously. No personal Identifiable information will be stored (e.g. voice samples).

Best practice:

  • Configure peoplegeist to run anonymously
  • Setup access to tool for works council for collaboration
  • Enable workers council to collect employee-needs